Friday, June 10

got out a little earlier

started off with the 9' 4-weight, a pink hares ear beadhead....then went to olive...then a black woolly bugger...
different retrieves, depths, 'skipping stones' presentation (side-armed bouncing the beadhead off the surface), another sip of coffee (that must be the problem), change rods a 4-weight 5' 7" with a olive hares ear beadhead, cast under some bushes and pick up a bluegill

Some more retrieves later and still not as busy as I would like. Put on a size 14 or 16 caddis and back under the bushes we go, I 'know' something has got to be there.

Okay, that's more like it. :-) Some more casts parallel to the right shoreline, and trying an over the shoulder curve cast, but that's crazy, settled with left-handed  roll cast and a little help from the wind blowing my way - to try and get around this big bush sticking out there, let it settle and twitch, and a few more bluegill to hand

Okay, time to head back home...

after these gents moved on, I was fishing there. Tricky cast around that big bush. :-) 

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