Sunday, December 4

Got some new line

I couldn't resist, Cabela's was selling Sage fly line for 29 bucks. How horrible could it be? The line is in 5-weight, weight forward,  Sage Ultimate Performance Taper Freshwater. I'll string it up in the morning and report back in the evening. Why a new line? Well, a new reel. My Ballan reel handle broke off  when the rod blew over on a wood deck while I was adjusting the tippet.  So I got a Pfleuger to hold the new line until I can fix the Ballan reel.( Have to find a tap and die set small enough...hmmm, maybe Sears or Harbor Freight might have it.)

Any how, the weather seems to be okay so far...can't wait till the morning...have some new wading boots coming as well. I'm really chomping at the bit to get in the Peconic. Laterz

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