Thursday, June 14

Interesting Bug Day

 Interesting bug I ran across while turning over rocks.
 Took a little while to track it down on the 'net. But I found out it's called a Mole Cricket.
 A little dry fly action is always good for the reflexes!
 Fish just can't refuse it...
 and, of course, the slabs will chase it down...
As do the skinny kids on the block.

Fishing has been kinda slow the last couple of days. A lot of rain and wind and the pickerel were still biting...
Didn't get any pix of them, will next time... Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


  1. Hey Clif, are those mole crickets fish food? It's interesting looking.

  2. I know from what I've read that they are lawn and some others were chewing on the idea that it was a drake, or hex or some other large burrower...not sure about the fish food. They do fly when their wings are formed all the way...and I'm sure the fish wouldn't turn an imitation down! :)

  3. Mole cricket? No. That is obviously a robot. You may be infected. Cover your body in tinfoil, get high, then drunk. Now. then work on a pattern!

    1. Swamp Yankee, thanks for stopping by! I'm already there brother. I'm thinking a fat hex imitation will work fine. No self respecting fish would turn down such a tasty morsel.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks G Lech, I might have to dig up a recipe and start eating them so they know I'm serious... :-P

  5. Found your blog interesting lot of useful stuff on Fishing i am new in Fly Fishing and get to know more in depth about it.

  6. Thanks you for visiting and for the kind comments. What I enjoy about fly fishing is it never gets old. Everytime I hit the water, it's like new...