Sunday, February 9

What a lovely day out there!

A little late for welcoming in the new year huh? Well, welcome. Been pretty chilly here and many complications and convolutions and pressure. Generally, just raw poverty. Man. It sucks.  Just keep plugging away. One foot in front of the other and all that. No wiggle room. But, the weather will eventually improve and maybe I'll be able to get out there and sling some line. Shit, maybe this year I'll be able to afford some fly tying hooks. That'd be nice. :-) Glad I tied so many the year before, I still have plenty.

Folks have been out on the lake ice fishing alot this year. First time in four or five years I've seen them out there. Hope they're doing well.

Got a new dog. Bob (the big brown bowzer). He's part pitbull and something else...not sure exactly what. (He's was a rescue. Supposedly he was gonna be a chew toy for the fighters. We got him outta there before he was exposed harmfully.) About eight months old. He's training well. Still quite playful and silly. Little problem with my cats still, but we're working it out. One of them won't come out of the bedroom and meet him. Just as well, she's really old and deserves her peace.

Thanks to all my Facebook and Intragram friends for copious posts of fishing and fishing related stuff and lore. Have enjoyed it tremendously as well as the progress many have made.Between the now and then I hope all that stop by are doing well and tight lines. I apologize for being MIA here...I'll try to stop in more often. 

Monday, April 29

Early morning at the spill way

 Black cat scoping out the spill way. Meanwhile,
 feeling around for some fish lipz
Let's go home or I'm sitting on your shoulders is the translation for this move. She doesn't care either way. I haven't tried casting with her laying on my shoulders, yet.