Monday, June 3

Jeez, what a fabulous weekend!

Had the opportunity to get a new fly for my Loop 6wt and get into a few fish I haven't seen this year too much, yet. :-) I was out at this lake before sun up. It was a nice day. Overcast so the fish weren't too spooky.

and now, some fishy pictures, this large mouth was maybe 2 pounds and was he surprised.
 Chain Pickerel. Knew right where it was at. Hiding in the slime at the spillway. Floated a juicy morsel by it a few times, assuming that just before the fly went over the spillway this do was gonna hit it. And, that's what happened. :-) Had it back in the water before it even knew what happened.

I don't get to see these Golden Shiners that much. This one looks like its been around the block a few times. Bass just love these things.

 Just above was a pleasant surprise. Chunky, old and what a tugger!

And then, ran into a real fighter, actually wound out the drag for a minute on this one. Don't know where he thought he was going without shaking my hand...So, while there were more fishies. Just wanted to pop in and show you the weekend. 

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