Wednesday, March 16

Started out wind and rain today...and the air had a bite.

By 2 pm it actually had the beginnings of a decent day but no fish.

between 5 and 8:30 pm the fish were out there but I wasn't hooking up.

Got three good bumps but missed. Started with a size 8 muddler minnow and no takers.
put on a size 10 black woolly bugger with a few strips of flash, and the fish were hitting
it on the fall and my timing was off. 

Casting was really fun today. I was using a 99 dollar rod reel combo made by Cortland in a 5 weight floating. I have to say that the reel is poorly formed allowing gaps where the line can hang up. The rod was surprisingly powerful. It didn't take very much effort to get 80 feet out of the rod tip. I was really 
concentrating on loop control by stopping the rod. (You can never practice this too much.)
With a 'big' muddler on i prefer a more
open loop, combine that with properly timed tuck cast and you get a nice 'plop' ... usually
when this technique is working, the muddler hits the water and gets smacked. It wasn't working
today...then I switched over to the bugger/leech imitation in was getting some interest
but i was still working out the retrieve ... some days it's strip, strip, strip, pause, strip, pull, and some days
leave you feeling for the rhythm. 

But, it's still early on since the ice melted. The water's still feeling like refrigerator cold water, but it's warming up, I think today's high was like 53 degrees F. I noticed that one of the lakes was a lot lower than last week. 

I can't wait for tomorrow. I think I'll try the lakes early in the morning. See ya after.

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