Thursday, March 24

Well, they weren't kidding about the snow...

Welcome Wind Knots and Troutrageous to my humble blagggh, er, blog. Still putting air in the tires to get this baby up and rolling. I'd rather be drowning worms, or out there practicing fly casting but I feel compelled to write a sentence or few.

It's snowing. Looks like we'll get maybe an entire inch (being generous), maybe more...just enough to guarantee that there'll be a lot of rear end collisions this morning as folks find out that their cars don't stop on a dime...and it will definitely come as a surprise to many...

First cuppa of Joe is going down really nice as I contemplate putting on some warm clothing and go out and scare up a few brown's been really tough so far. They're playing hard to get, and the warmer it gets the more difficult it is to find them...alas, it is a struggle I don't mind, and it gets me out of the house and away from that "Honey DO" list that always seems to be present when I want to go fishing. I think about that list often while I'm working my back and forward casts. There must be some inter-dimensional warp thing I can lose it in...

More later.


  1. i really like your blog name lol.. Great blog, you got a new follower

  2. Welcome Dustin's!
    Thanks. It's only up from here.