Monday, April 4

I guess I oughta start putting some pictures up

But, not right now. I'm too busy enjoying reading everyone's blogs :) Such talented folks out there. I'm surprised fly fishermen/women aren't ruling the world yet. Oh well, give it some time we'll reel ya in sooner or later.

News to me, thanks TFM , I have several TFO rods and didn't even know that they messed with glass. I remember hearing something some time ago about it, but never saw anything. I look forward to your review after you get the build completed.

In other news, it's raining a tad here on Long Island, but the wind is way down, like 8 mph, and it's not too cold, so I have to go fishing. I went yesterday, but got distracted by the bugs and scooping them up to see what they were, and chasing waterboatmen outta logs...all in all, a cold, windy, fishless day, but well worth the time. 

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