Thursday, May 19

went fishing in my back yard

                                                  This bluegill was a real tugger. He fell to a weird
                                                   beadhead I tied up. But they bite anything most
                                                   of the time. :)
                                              Threw on the olive woolly bugger and bam. This
                                               largemouth was probably about four pounds. Pretty
                                               average for my backyard lake...I'm still trying to get
                                               one of the ten pounders... :) ahh, one of these days.
                                           And then the rain came, and came and came for about
                                           an hour and a half...
                                           ...and then it stopped and went fishing again at a lake
                                           down the street and picked up this little slabolita...:)
                                            They were killin' the green-bodied elk hair caddis...
                                           Good day yesterday, I was fishing morning, afternoon and

Tuesday, May 17

Just some more flies

Tying and photoshop
                                               another brown bag special nymph
                                                 brown bag brownie
                                            Just messing with an idea. The fishies chewed this one up
                                          Brown bagger photoshop
                                            working with some new hackle materials....and photoshop

Monday, May 16

Been working at my new job...

so i'm getting back into the swing of things...but i've been tying stuff like this: