Wednesday, May 18

The fly and photoshop


  1. Please tell us what materials you used on this fly.

  2. the tail: two pieces from a regular push broom.
    the body: micro chenille grey with black accents.
    Thorax: from the Fly Fishing Store; "Super Bright Dubbing SBD051". (I bought this many many years ago I don't know if they still carry it.)
    Wing case: you'll have trouble finding this one, Great Horned Owl breast feather - tied butt end first, folded over to form the wing case, and as I'm tying it down, I allowed the feather barbs to spin around the head of the hook.
    Hook: Mustad 3906B in 12 or 14.
    The species in my lake, e.g., panfish, brown trout, largemouth tore it up. it doesn't sit in the film but for a moment, and then as the chenille absorbs the water, it just slowing falls through the water column.