Thursday, May 19

went fishing in my back yard

                                                  This bluegill was a real tugger. He fell to a weird
                                                   beadhead I tied up. But they bite anything most
                                                   of the time. :)
                                              Threw on the olive woolly bugger and bam. This
                                               largemouth was probably about four pounds. Pretty
                                               average for my backyard lake...I'm still trying to get
                                               one of the ten pounders... :) ahh, one of these days.
                                           And then the rain came, and came and came for about
                                           an hour and a half...
                                           ...and then it stopped and went fishing again at a lake
                                           down the street and picked up this little slabolita...:)
                                            They were killin' the green-bodied elk hair caddis...
                                           Good day yesterday, I was fishing morning, afternoon and


  1. Nice fish! I've got to try the ponds in my backyard. Ten years and I've never even look at them.

  2. yea, Cofisher, i lived here a year before i even went fishing in the lake, and literally it's like fifty feet away :). I'm so happy now because i'm not wasting all that gas traveling twenty miles to my very favorite fishing holes. I have three large lakes within a mile of my place, and a couple of miles away is the ocean and striper heaven (I hear from my friends). i haven't tried the salt water of these days...

  3. Man I wish I had a lake in my backyard. Nice looking fish, I especially like that Bass. LOoks Healthy. Theres no better day of fishing then morning noon and night. Great Blog. The name is great.

  4. Thanks Trout Magee. The bass was healthy C&R to fight another day. ;o) hopefully on the end of my line.

  5. Everyone, I think ole Clif there has done lost it. First the new, ghetto website and now saying that the fish he's chasing will " bite anything. " Clearly these fish just haven't been properly trained to only bite Orange Stingers!

    ( I think I just heard my sales or Stingers drop like a rock. Or like it's hot. ;) ) LOL

  6. PS. For pete's sake cut off that mile-long photo at the top, will ya? :)

  7. thanks Owl! :) I've got 'em trained to eat when I'm in the water lol.

    @The Blog's creative space, there's more to the logo, I'm still drawing it...;-)well, it's already done just gotta post it up... thanks for stopping by! ;0

  8. @The Blog Police:
    Here's the whole monty;