Monday, June 13

Brrr, the water was cold

Went out fishing in my backyard today for about 4 hours. The water was distinctly cooler by at least 15 degrees.
There's such a food supply for growing fishies. :)

I don't know what it is with damsel flies and my stripping hand. Today they were flying and landing in tandem.

So, it was a little slow. There was also a baby chain pickerel and largemouth...and sadly, one that got away.


  1. Wow, nice chunky gill. I love it when the damsels come out to play.

  2. the place is thick with them. If you're pulling anything that remotely resembles a damsel or dragon, pretty much guaranteed a hook up of some sort. The shrimp are crazy effective in the winter and fall. They're good now as well, but I just get bored poopless fishing them. But maybe I'll tie a few up with that distinctive reddish/orange 'dot' and see how it goes... :)Come to thing of it, I don't have any small hooks. Darn. I'm like down to my last couple of dozen Mustad nymph hooks. Geez, maybe I ought to go get some hooks...? Thirty mile drive...naaah, I'd rather be fishing first thing in the morning. I'll check back in for lunch. Be well Cofisher. Thanks for dropping in.