Wednesday, June 8

Hit the back yard mid afternoon

hunting for them bluegills with a size 12 olive beadhead hares ear...whoooo boy

Excellent start. 85 or so degrees at high noon more or less, and this little tugger felt good on the shorty four weight.
And this guy was next in line. This is my biggest bluegill to date. Pretty close to one I caught weeks ago in the back yard.

And then this mutant redear...damn, I think I should bathe after touching this one! Yuk. :)

Ahh, back to the slabs...nice gilly here. Had me doing the fish dance after he got close and in between my legs! So, it was an excellent day on the water and I had many visitors to my waders as well:

Damsel fly nymphs and shrimp. Jeez, them boogers are small, about a size 22 or 24...I won't be fishing those any time soon! But, the day started with my zombie friends screaming for more brains this morning:

and then off to the fishing hole (a different one) I went. And as I was pulling up to the "test your casting skillz
here" spot ... I noticed one of them portable speed bumps (to some)

and being careful not to dislocate his tail bones, I carefully walked him over to the water and one last pose and cya:

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Wednesday adventures in fishing!


  1. Mutant redear. Blackbeard the Pirate bluegill. There's something funky going on with the water in this pond! hehe

  2. yeppers. Yesterday was tremendous fun. I'm about to head out again in a few minutes. Close to 90 degrees out and so humid. It's going to be another nice day in the neighborhood. Maybe I'll catch Captain Hook today?

  3. Oh, I hope you do! And if so, please photoshop on an eye-patch!

  4. That's what we call adventure fishin' as Opie used to say. I enjoyed this a lot.

  5. Thanks Cofisher!
    @e.m.b., I went out wading and about a dozen or so casts later the sky on the west side of the lake lights up with lightning, sky darkens, temperature drops at least twenty degrees and the wind picks up and just as I was pulling the last foot out of the waders, the rain came...boomers and bright lightning. Oh well, there's always tomorrow morning before work. :)

  6. Wow, those panfish are dinner plate sized. Nicely done. Last spring I had an encounter with a doormat sized snapping turtle. Needless to say, I yielded the right of way to him.

  7. lol. i know what you mean Steve. I was wading one day in the lake and one of them doormats came near me and I got out of the water! Fearsome looking critters. :) Thanks for stopping by glad you enjoyed the images. Tight lines.