Wednesday, June 1

out with the 3 weight

What a fabulous day.
The wind was kicking pretty good and the bites were frequent but soft. A few were fierce takes by some nice phattie like the ones pictured here:

of course, I had to try a new tie for the four weight:

and the bluegills were just inhaling it.
Of course, with the temps approaching the 80's the bugs were happy too. 


  1. I usually fish with a 5 or 6 wt. I've been getting out with my new 4wt. Love it. Good bug photos.

  2. lol. Thanks Cofisher. i'm usually fishing with a 6, but here lately, i've been mainly using the 4. The more I use it, the more i'm liking it. As these fresh water temperatures continue to rise, the bass and panfish are absolutely crazy. ;-) and bugs galore.

  3. Welcome to the blogoshere mister Clif, I'll be around to make sure you don't sully a good name. :) I understand how you're feeling right now, your entire life there have been no other Clifs to deal with.

    Very nice gills by the way, much better than the ones I've nabbed lately. Give Owl's Orange Stinger flies a try, you won't be disappointed.

  4. a senior moment...

    owl's orange stinger - point me at it. ;-)

    rare and distinctively fine
    a name so nice
    we have it twice
    Blogo-sphere we are here.
    Mista Mista.

    Thanks Clif

  5. re: Owl's Orange Stinger

    okay, I like that.
    and i can see it ;-p

  6. re: stingers...

  7. Nice looking gills and great pics.

  8. Thanks Clif, that is a nice looking tye. Trout Magee, thanks for stopping by and checking out my journey. ;)