Tuesday, June 7

Weather has been wonderful

This is my usual lake about three blocks away. This is
high noon. Mainly just panfish this morning.

But stayed out until 10:30 pm and was getting into the
fatties. This one surprised me at how well it fought.

First perch at this lake. And, the biggest perch I've
ever caught. What a tussle it put up. Got all acrobatic 
jumping out of the water. 

First Black Crappie at this lake yesterday.
Even the one-eyed ol' bluegills were stopping by for a 
picture. :)


  1. Nice perch! I bet he was feisty! Such beautiful fish, and you caught such a myriad species! Beautiful, but I can't look at that Bluegill "pirate" too long. ;)

  2. thanks e.m.b. ol' Bluebeard has been around the lake so to speak. I could probably photoshop an eye patch :-)

  3. 3 blocks away? You're a lucky man Clif.

  4. and i have a bigger lake right out my back door. Crappy apartment, small, etc., but the lakes so close made the difference. :-)

  5. My dad caught a one-eyed carp a few days ago. The year of the Pirate-Fish, evidently!

  6. for sure!
    I think what happens, someone else, using a large hook and foul hooking the fishies.
    lol year of the pirate fish.