Tuesday, July 19

alrighty then ...

Fishing has been about the same, the weather has been upwards of 17 mph winds with 70-90 F. degree air temps. The fatties have went to different climes. Water temps are in the 70's F. This morning the municipal landscapers were at it. While it was instructive watching all the startled fish and their locations, only the most ballsy fish broke cover to chomp the fly.

Went over to my son's new place for dinner. Which happened to be quite delish. While I was determining what
the malfunction was with his computer ... I saw this bag of many things came to mind ... and there are no
female mice in the bag...

Well, time to go to work ... hopefully fishing afterward.


  1. I'm not a huge warm water guy, but I see mice and I think bass!

  2. ...and 'once in a blue moon' (On the Fly production) ;-)