Sunday, July 3

The fishing was well, fishing.

But the sunset certainly closed the day out nicely and even caught an 8 ounce bluegill! ;-P

The water was fairly warm, the sun has been beaming, the wind moderate. Was stalking the chain pickerel, but I couldn't find where they were stalking. Did have a 'run in' with a huge Mute Swan. She was like fifty yards away (picture right) and came flying at me about three feet off the water, (she must have been thinking it was her lake) and then banked sharply about ten yards in front of me...that's why I say, "All the best pictures are in my mind." 


  1. Stunning photograph...and there is always tomorrow.

  2. Hey Cofisher
    Thanks for stopping by :) There' a certain pleasure standing waist deep waving a stick
    around and letting the world happen.

  3. That picture is beautiful. I love seeing sunsets on the water. Happy 4th and Tight LInes

  4. And Happy Fourth to you Trout Magee! Beautiful sunsets and tight lines back at ya.