Monday, August 1

Up pretty early this morning, drove to Artist Lake and it was a fun morning. Bluegills, bass, and crappie.

 this starts the morning, first cast.
 and such a lovely morning it was
 fifty to sixty feet in every direction was plentiful
 caught one of these - crappie with attitude.
 I did have one beefy hook up with a big boy while I was reeling in a small bluegill. But, I couldn't land him. Booger took all the fly line and some backing out the tip, and then...nothing. Got himself a nice brunch tidbit
and I got my favorite drug, the tug.

So, the sun is up and I left Artist Lake and drove to Upper Yaphank lake. The water was absolutely still and crystal clear. Always walk to the water softly and there's 8 or 9 nice bass just lolling around. This is a serious problem to solve. If I spook them they're gone. Damn, the shadow from the line just disturbed a I add about four feet of 4x and a size 10 gr Hare's Ear. Very nice cast  laying the nymph right on the fringe of the cover and barely a breath passes and a fair sized bluegill takes the nymph and a few wiggles later this hefty largemouth chases it right outta the water and next thing I know the characteristic zing of the Bill Ballan reel echoes in my brain.
He got his gill and his picture on my blog. A worthy battle thru twine thick matting and pressure on his lip never relaxed. C&R successful.
Now time for a nap. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


  1. Sounds like a great day on the water for you! I'm jealous

  2. Cofisher, thanks. Any day on the water...ya know. :) but then the storms came through last night and nothing was biting. Thunder and lightning...hardly any rain in my area. Poor folks in Nassau County got their windows broke with all the hail that was falling down.