Sunday, August 21

Well, I finally saved enough pocket change to buy a Sage rod. Took about 5 months. Having never cast one or fished with one, I have to say it certainly is put together nicely. I had my jaw set on the Sage Flight, 8'6" 5 weight. Found it at Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters for 275.00. Interestingly, when I hit the "Buy" button, the price went up to $280. So, I wrote Leland and asked them to honor the price as originally posted. They did and conducted themselves professionally. Also, very helpful and friendly lot of folks over there. They stayed in touch via emails keeping me up to date on the arrival. My final price on the rod ended up being $271.00.

I was figuring that the less expensive rod would still have some of the 'niceness' that all the Sage rods reportedly have. I haven't been disappointed. I have about 20 hours casting with it now and dozens of catches of all sizes and the rod handled them all with authority. The first couple of hookups saw the catches pulled out of the water for a moment - such is the backbone of the rod. (And the fluorocarbon tippets :) really made for a positive take. There was no, "oh, did something touch my fly?". I could feel it throughout the rod.)
 Even though the line is less than optimal for the rod, I could toss some very handsome loops of several shapes effortlessly. The rod loads with certainty and shooting line with the slightest of hauls was indeed fun. I'm looking forward to getting a lot of use out of this rod and can see myself getting another one maybe next year if the donuts are right.

I paired the rod with a beautiful Bill Ballan reel and some really cheap fly line. I have ordered a line from The Fly Line Shop the GT90 weight forward floater. I've heard very good things about the line from all over, and from Carl McNeil who also had positive things to say about it. It's coming all the way from Scotland, so I don't know when it will arrive. The price point was very good and free worldwide shipping. So, if this Sage casts well with a very cheap line, it will probably cast very nicely with a better built line.

They'll be aerating the golf course where I work, so next week I'll have three days off. One of those days I'll take the Sage out and put it through some paces with distance in mind and see how it performs, and hopefully, also get a lot of hours in the water with it. I'll report back here. In the interim if any of you owns the Flight or have cast the rod: What were your impressions?


  1. Good deal on the rod. I've only owned one Sage (can't even remember what it was but the Flight took it's place I believe. Sage builds nice rods...even the ONE! Great customer service there as well.

  2. yea, the One, is well beyond my pay grade...they're really talking it up tho'. I'm thinking if I ever spend that kind of money on a rod, I might as well have one custom made.
    Leland FFO did me nicely ... I told them straight, it's called ghetto fly fishing for a reason...

  3. Long way from the days of spinner reels with plastic bubbles! Good job old man.

  4. And how bout that filet mignon, wrapped in bacon and cooked on da campfire?
    Ol mofo witda dain bramage :-)

  5. Now ya talking, homeslice! Give a cracker a holla sometime, kick back and reminisce a tad. 405-409-1403. work cell, but I'm on call Mon thru Fri so it's always on.