Wednesday, November 16

Another good fish story

                                          Got them both to hand. Crazy when it happens...
and then this guy on the same fly.
                                     Different water, same like to play "chase the fly".
gee...don't know what he was chasing...maybe it was practicing on the grass before he actually went fishing...
I think it must have flown out in front of a vehicle. It was remarkably fresh, eyes intact, no insects. And an opportunity to examine it. Beautiful birds. I've photographed hundreds, but never this close.  My first thought was that it had choked on one of the, back to the water I went to make sure the heron saved me a few. Thankfully, it had...and so ends another beautiful autumn day.  
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  1. what fly is in the 2nd picture? Great blog, you got a new follower!

  2. Hi Dustin! The second picture is a bead head olive hares ear size 10...