Tuesday, December 20

Today was a good fishing day

Went out pretty early and found some nice water that was mostly glass-still. Little troutskis couldn't hide this morning.

The fly I tied the other night and call it Frantic Fly...basically a few barbs of feather for the tail, grey rabbit dubbing for the body, with stiff hackle wound round and then some nice webby soft hackle. Hooked up with three but was only able to land the first, by the third one, the tippet broke...oh well, a trout a day keeps the reaper away.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, December 8

It was a crappie day

Raining all day. Some significant gusts. But on the way out the door I had time to admire some rotting tomatoes
 As I find my parking spot I am happy that no one is around and I got the whole joint to myself. Casting at this venue is difficult enough.  My back cast is over two lanes of traffic. On the back cast I also have trees and high voltage wires.
After casting around for about two hours I figured I was here too late ... (fisherman's excuse #348). So, heading to the next chapel I was seeing a lot of these
So, I slowed down a bit because everyone seemed to be drinking coffee and talking on their cellies. After all, I don't want to interrupt them by stopping in front of them at a light.
Having safely arrived I began fishing in earnest. I had saw a rise on the water and recognized 'my lochness'... I was prepared but alas, we didn't hook-up. So I began catching the crappie. They seem to suck up anything in front of their mouths
To test my theory, I tied on another one, a size 10 nymph hook with a piece of bug skin tied to it.
An while tying another one on, the random fall of the line reminds me yet again - it's all connected. 

And so, I had to end to go do a computer gig. Another crappie day on the water. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, December 5

Fished With this line for

about ten hours today. My first impression was it's a heavy line and feels like plastic in my fingers...
I was using a 12 foot 4x nearly all day which I cut down a tad. I could make somewhat delicate casts with the line, but it really wanted to fly. So, i let it fly. Distance was no problem. The line performed admirably under repeated blistering shoots of forty feet and under.

The nymph didn't fair too well:

 I didn't care for it at first with underhand casting, but after a while I got the timing figured out. It stayed relatively high floating all day. It was pretty good in the wind of 6-8 mph. The color of the line isn't a startling chartruese, but close...Compared to the AirFlo lines I normally use, and the recent Barrio line that is on the broken Ballan reel, this Sage line is stiff. We'll see how I am with it tomorrow. Going to try some river fishing...

12/06/11 note: fished with it for the majority of the day and finally got it working for me quite well.  It still feels like plastic, I'm enjoying the slight stiffness of the line today, I was working on loops and off shoulder casting. 

Sunday, December 4

Got some new line

I couldn't resist, Cabela's was selling Sage fly line for 29 bucks. How horrible could it be? The line is in 5-weight, weight forward,  Sage Ultimate Performance Taper Freshwater. I'll string it up in the morning and report back in the evening. Why a new line? Well, a new reel. My Ballan reel handle broke off  when the rod blew over on a wood deck while I was adjusting the tippet.  So I got a Pfleuger to hold the new line until I can fix the Ballan reel.( Have to find a tap and die set small enough...hmmm, maybe Sears or Harbor Freight might have it.)

Any how, the weather seems to be okay so far...can't wait till the morning...have some new wading boots coming as well. I'm really chomping at the bit to get in the Peconic. Laterz