Monday, December 5

Fished With this line for

about ten hours today. My first impression was it's a heavy line and feels like plastic in my fingers...
I was using a 12 foot 4x nearly all day which I cut down a tad. I could make somewhat delicate casts with the line, but it really wanted to fly. So, i let it fly. Distance was no problem. The line performed admirably under repeated blistering shoots of forty feet and under.

The nymph didn't fair too well:

 I didn't care for it at first with underhand casting, but after a while I got the timing figured out. It stayed relatively high floating all day. It was pretty good in the wind of 6-8 mph. The color of the line isn't a startling chartruese, but close...Compared to the AirFlo lines I normally use, and the recent Barrio line that is on the broken Ballan reel, this Sage line is stiff. We'll see how I am with it tomorrow. Going to try some river fishing...

12/06/11 note: fished with it for the majority of the day and finally got it working for me quite well.  It still feels like plastic, I'm enjoying the slight stiffness of the line today, I was working on loops and off shoulder casting. 

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