Thursday, December 8

It was a crappie day

Raining all day. Some significant gusts. But on the way out the door I had time to admire some rotting tomatoes
 As I find my parking spot I am happy that no one is around and I got the whole joint to myself. Casting at this venue is difficult enough.  My back cast is over two lanes of traffic. On the back cast I also have trees and high voltage wires.
After casting around for about two hours I figured I was here too late ... (fisherman's excuse #348). So, heading to the next chapel I was seeing a lot of these
So, I slowed down a bit because everyone seemed to be drinking coffee and talking on their cellies. After all, I don't want to interrupt them by stopping in front of them at a light.
Having safely arrived I began fishing in earnest. I had saw a rise on the water and recognized 'my lochness'... I was prepared but alas, we didn't hook-up. So I began catching the crappie. They seem to suck up anything in front of their mouths
To test my theory, I tied on another one, a size 10 nymph hook with a piece of bug skin tied to it.
An while tying another one on, the random fall of the line reminds me yet again - it's all connected. 

And so, I had to end to go do a computer gig. Another crappie day on the water. Thanks for stopping by.

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