Saturday, March 24

The evenings of late have been wonderfully productive. The water, while still chilly, is warming and the fish are definitely more active. Had a great time last night...the 'big' boyz are coming within my cast...

Wednesday, March 21

Wow. The last couple of days have been fantastic! My whole body is sore from it.

 There were trout

There were bluegill

There were perch

There were scuds, bugs and Spring Largemouth

And, besides it being an incredibly nice two days, the most notable catch in the shallows was the following:

I expected a bit more fight for such a well-known figure...alas, all he could do was grab mud in a feeble attempt not to get landed.

Couple of days before, even a muskrat got grabby...

Only one gripe. Waders that I bought just a couple of months ago and have only worn 4 times already have begun to leak. Because they were a sale item, I can't return them. Bummer. Nothing like having two pair of nice waders and both leak...oh well.

Tight lines and thanks for stopping by.