Friday, April 13

The nice weather is coming slowly as are the fishies.

 So, fishing has been pretty decent here of late. Wind has been really fierce, but the fish keep coming.

 Here we have yet another grabby muskrat. This one weighed nearly four pounds and fought from 70 feet out. I imagine he wanted to climb the wall and kick my butt...
and of course, there's the little 'bows. Hope they grow up and the largemouth don't eat all of them...

Thanks for stopping by. Cya on the water


  1. Interesting about the muskrat. Do you catch a lot of them? What is their favorite fly? How do you cook them?

  2. lol, thanks Howard. I've caught three of them this year. One was totally by accident, it swam across my line when I was stripping. The other two took the fly, both bead heads on a slow retrieve. They grabbed it...I'm not quite sure how to handle them. I do use the hair in the fly tying. Maybe the next one I'll bring a pair of welder's mitts...the darn things got teeth like a beaver. :)Haven't seen any recipes yet... How ya been? Hope all is well on your end.