Wednesday, May 23

Weather was iffy, but it was a multi-species day...

 ah, think of it as a CSI moment. Nature's doing what
Nature does...

 This was a dinner plate!

Love dem bugz
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Wednesday, May 16

Yeppers, fishing was fun the last couple of days

Right down at my feet, those ain't frog legs

and moving it, it moved...

drained about a shot of water out of it, and it's still alive

working fast to get the line cut off...

about twenty minutes later, it expired. The result of 
unattended monofilament...

love these fatties this time of year, really aggressive

and what do we have here? A little largemouth.

I'm always surprised when a good size bucket-mouth
takes the fly. this case a size 10 zug bug

evening fishing was productive as well

Thanks for stopping by. Stayed tuned for more fun in the sun

Wednesday, May 2

Yesterday was a nice bug day

The temperature was just right for these fellas. After a big long rain the rest of the day turned out to be a marvelous outing.

These midges are ridiculously tiny. Finally, I followed one until it landed...

This is certainly a testament to perseverance...

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