Wednesday, May 23

Weather was iffy, but it was a multi-species day...

 ah, think of it as a CSI moment. Nature's doing what
Nature does...

 This was a dinner plate!

Love dem bugz
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Hey Clif, nice haul! I especially love the perch and the huge gill. I smell dinner.

  2. Thanks Howard.
    Those perch really tug nice! One of the hardest fighters in the lake.
    The dinner plate had made a swirl
    And I dropped a nymph into it
    ...about 20" of water depth.

  3. Those are some giant Bluegills (at least compared to my pond). Way to go.

  4. Hey Steve,
    Thanks for stopping by!
    These gillies been around for
    Years...the water is rich in bugs and
    other food stuff. Right now they're
    regular cannibals and either R outta
    Spawn or close...they R pretty aggressive
    and fun on the flyrod.