Tuesday, June 26

Wow, so much rain yesterday.

Was out fishing, alas I was ill prepared. The big boys were out but not interested in anything I tossed. Shoulda took the 'big boy' fly box.

Sunday, June 17

Beautiful Evening with lots of fatties

So the evening starts with one of these, the proverbial 'fly in the eye' (or is that 'fly in the pie'?). In any event, I guess this fattie never heard about fish shades to protect the eyes...bugger still gave quite a little battle. A little quick surgery and I believe the important stuff of the eye is still intact...

The setting sun really livened up the colors of these babies...and there were six or seven more. A couple got off which really surprised me. So, I went to a size 8 black stone fly and man did the action really pick up!

Just gotta mention that I'm really enjoying this Loop Evotec five weight...I like it so much, I may get another one, tho' I'm tossing around the idea of the Goran Andersson Signature rod in a four weight...maybe at the end of the year if I've saved enough. We'll see then.  

As always, I appreciate your stopping by and checking out my little fishing excusions. 

Thursday, June 14

Interesting Bug Day

 Interesting bug I ran across while turning over rocks.
 Took a little while to track it down on the 'net. But I found out it's called a Mole Cricket.
 A little dry fly action is always good for the reflexes!
 Fish just can't refuse it...
 and, of course, the slabs will chase it down...
As do the skinny kids on the block.

Fishing has been kinda slow the last couple of days. A lot of rain and wind and the pickerel were still biting...
Didn't get any pix of them, will next time... Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Thursday, June 7

I've been stalking this guy and his crew for quite a while. 5x tippet, 15-20 minutes laters 
and it came to hand.  
Drying fly fishing was exciting yesterday.
These little guys are fast.
And, let's not forget Black Cat who is already ready to warm my neck and cuddle after a long day of fishing.

Thanks for stopping by.