Tuesday, September 18

Great morning (yesterday)

I was pulling a size 12 olive hares ear at a snails pace, and every now and then I'd raise the tip and let it fall, during one of these rhythms, a catfish mouth found it's way around the fly. Quite the tugger. As far as I know, with the catfish, I've caught all fishing species in the lake.


  1. How interesting Clif. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone catching a catfish on a fly.

  2. thanks Howard. Yea, this bullhead wasn't too bright. From what I've googled, apparently lots of guys catch them fly fishing. Usually they're using stuff that's bigger flywise.

  3. Very interesting really! It is very unusual catching a catfish on a fly.

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  4. thanks Patrick and Cara! It was a wonderful play with head shaking and strong pulls.