A New Year

I'm sure each of you has hopes, dreams and schemes for 2012. After all, some say we'll experience some type of apocalyptic catastrophe (again) ... well, where ever that thought leads ...  it remains that there's still plenty of fishing to get done. For 2012 I'd like to get more fishing done.

I'd like to thank my family for putting up with my almost maniacal fixation with fly casting as well as fly fishing in general. However, I remain unapologetic when I note 'before the fishing is the casting' and toward that I work on casting. My goal has always been to put the fly where I want it when I want it to be there regardless of wind, cover or the various positions the line lays away from me. So, for 2012 I'd like to get more fly casting done.

Also, for 2012 I've joined the esteemed Fly Fishing Federation (FFF) and have visited my local fly fishing chapter, the Art Flick chapter. Had the opportunity to meet some serious experience and talent embodied within the group. I'll be joining as soon as the donuts are right. So, for 2012 I'd like to continue to meet with more fly fishing people of all abilities. And, to introduce more  people to the fly fishing community.

So, as we step off into the great abyss remember,
we're already here.


  1. Yes we are and the weather's just fine down here, Thank You.

    Good luck with the fly fishing and casting this year.

  2. Thanks Steve.
    It's a balmy 19 degrees out counting the windchill.
    There's always more tomorrow. heading out in a few.

  3. loving the blog cliff addd it my blog roll

  4. Thanks dave. I'll try to keep it interesting. Be well.


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